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Fires and toxic smoke

A risk to not be taken lightly

Protection incendies

  • One domestic fire takes place every two minutes in France
  • One fire out of four is due to a faulty electrical installation
  • Fires cause 460 deaths per year
  • 70% of deadly fires occur at night

These statistics are not an inevitability.

A little bit of common sense will avoid a lot of worry :

  • Do not smoke in bed and put out your cigarettes properly
  • Never leave heating pans unattended
  • Do not leave your electrical appliances on standby
  • Do not overload your extension
  • Do not leave lighters and matches where children can get hold of them
  • Be aware of burning embers in your fireplace

It is even better to be warned in time, for your safety and that of your family. This is why a smoke detector is indispensable in your home.

To find out more about smoke detection proposed by par PROTECTION 24, click here.

In any event and if the fire spreads, remain calm and do not overestimate your strength. Even if the fire seems under control, call the fire brigade on 18 or 112.

* Source Ministère de l’Intérieur 2008

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