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Solutions against home-jacking

Present at home: protect yourself !

Imagine someone breaking into your house at night whilst you are in a deep sleep. Their objective : to steal your car by getting their hands on your keys. Called "home jacking", this in vogue practice concerns expensive cars but also common vehicles, which are then used for discrete reconnaissance before a job. Thanks to our remote surveillance, you have an excellent ally against home jacking :  The "partially on" function.

It's use ? You make safe a specific part of your house even though you are at home yourself.

For example, you activate the "partially on" function, protecting the front door of your flat, and you can go about your business peacefully.

Or if you live in a house, you activate the protection of the ground floor; you and your children can sleep peacefully upstairs.

To get it, it is very easy : speak to our technical adviser on the day of installation. Of course this function is included in your subscription.

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