GSM-GPRS: mobile technology in the alarm unit

Like most of our clients, you have no doubt opted for a telephone subscription via ADSL or have even done away with your landline to have just a cell phone.

With PROTECTION 24, remote surveillance without a landline is possible!

Thanks to GSM-GPRS technology, we can provide you with an innovative remote surveillance service. We install a GSM/GPRS transmitter linked to a SIM card directly in the alarm unit. Imagine a cell phone in the heart of a security system.

A solution for the future, our Peace of mind and Freedom packages use this technology.

Included in the
Premium Remote Surveillance Pack

Do you own a second home like 9% of French homeowners? GSM/GPRS is the ideal way to protect your second home without having to invest in the opening of a landline.

Pilot your remote monitoring system from your mobile

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