What is the agent’s role?

If the alarm is triggered, our agent is dispatched on site only after our Monitoring Centre has lifted any doubts.

What are these?

We must be sure that a real break-in attempt is occurring. Therefore we telephone your house or use remote interpellation to receive the confidential code. Without reply or in the event of an erroneous answer we inform you and start the intervention procedure.

The agent

  • Our agent will go round your site to look for signs of break-in (broken window or door, etc). Under no circumstances can they enter into your home or business premises.
  • They make their report to the Monitoring Centre who keep you informed too.
  • In the event of a break-in being found the police are informed.

Trustworthy people

You can appoint, with their agreement, people you trust (friends, neighbours, family, etc) who will be first contacted in the event of the alarm being triggered. Close to your home or your offices, they can quickly find out if the warning is for real or not.

Intervention area : Is your site covered ?

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