Premium Remote Surveillance Pack

A single formula for maximum benefits :

  • Performance : a security solution completely secure and efficient
  • Confort : installation, management, assistance, you will not have to worry about anything
  • Dissuasion : alarm siren and loudspeaker against any potential intruder
  • Responsiveness : rapid response by our monitoring centre
  • Security : immédiate notify of the proper authorities if the break-in is confirmed
  • Connectivity : Free smartphone app to pilot monitoring system


Services included :

PERFORMANCE : We protect your property 

  • 24/7 remote surveillance by our monitoring centre certified APSAD P3, guarantee of a high quality service (Protection against the risk of burglary, aggression and vandalism and squatting)
  • Remote dissuasion via the alarm system'loudspeaker
  • Sending of security agent, licensed by the CNAPS (National Council for Private Security Activities), free of charge if break-in is confirmed
  • Implementation of the initial safeguard measures under our Assistance Agreement if forced entry is confirmed

HUMAN : We take care of you 

Assistance agreement placed at your disposal

  • Guarding unitil 48 hours
  • Reparations are in part covered up to 230 € TTC
  • Site clearence by a maximum of 15 hours
  • Repatriation from metropolitan France (excluding Corsica and Monaco)
  • Assistance for administrative procedures : a telephone enquiry service to help you through the process [NEW]
  • Psychological assistance, by phone [NEW]

RELIABLE : We control the alarm system

  • Provision of equipment
  • Daily test to check that the phone link is working
  • Cost paid for all telephone communications related to remote surveillance
  • Replacement of consumables

CONNECTED : Simpler and more practical than ever

  • The Info Warning Service keeps you informed when the remote surveillance system is turned on and off : you can activate and desactivate the alarm with the smartphone app
  • The Power failure Warning keeps you informed about electricity supply power cuts and reconnections

Equipment included

  • 1 alarm unit with inbuilt GSM/GPRS or IP/GPRS telephone transmitted
  • 1 siren
  • 1 keypad
  • 2 badges
  • 2 points of detection at your choice
    (1 movement detector + 1 opening detector
      or 2 opening detectors)

€ 32,70 inc. VAT/month
for 2 points of detection

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Installation and start-up costs : € 145 including VAT


  • Movement detectors
  • Opening detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Key lock box
  • Exterior sirens...

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Pilot your remote monitoring system from your mobile

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